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Pie in the sky
Source: Financial Chronicle May 26, 2016
Building castles in the air may not be good or even practical, but putting up a pleasant walkway in the air along the skyline, is. Aptly christened, a skywalk is an elevated, usually enclosed, walkway between buildings. ... more
Ideas to enhance table top decor
Source: The Times of India May 26, 2016
Tabletops have always been important elements of home decor that make a statement about your style and creativity. Stone is the most durable tabletop option these days. Stone can be used to fashion many exquisite objects such as statues, boxes, bowls, paperweights and picture frames that can beautify a space. There are various interesting types and textures to choose from. The Sadarahalli stone makes for a great tabletop. It has a rough surface that lends it a traditional look. Depending on the type of stone, carvings are done on it to create objects of art. The centre table can have either a small tabletop fountain if it has a glass top or brass artefacts if it is a traditional wood one. You can also have a small flat bowl in the centre with floating candles or coloured stones and a contemporary style vase with fresh flowers in white or yellow. This will work well with a contemporary decor theme. ... more
Are you in your 30s & planning to buy a property?
Source: The Times of India May 26, 2016
Are you contemplating on investing in real estate this year? Have you been playing with the thought for some time now? ... more
Mall stock of 39 million sq ft eligible for REIT investment in India: Report
Source: The Hindu Business Line May 26, 2016
Mall stock of 39 million sq ft is eligible for REIT investment in India, says Cushman & Wakefield. ... more
Dulux launches weathershield paint
Source: The Hindu Business Line May 26, 2016
Dulux has launched Dulux Professional Weathershield Express paint. ... more
Measuring household well-being
Source: The Financial Express Apr 29, 2016
The most important monetary measures of well-being, among others, are household income, expenditure and saving. Yet we have very little reliable data on such indicators. In view of this, ICE 360° surveys have been instrumental in building and disseminating high-quality, interconnected, reliable and up-to-date data to capture the ground realities of households, on how the country earns, spends, saves, lives, thinks, accesses public goods, and on inclusion, employment and infrastructure. We have attempted to understand dimensions of well-being using income, consumption and saving as composite indicators available from ICE 360° surveys, 2014. ... more
Central Park associates with World Corporate Golf Challenge India
Source: The Times of India Apr 26, 2016
Central Park- an ultra-luxury realty brand with expertise in living spaces of highest standards of global quality has proudly associated with World Corporate Golf Challenge 2016 . Organised by Rishi Narain Sports Marketing, World Corporate Golf Challenge – India is successfully presenting a platform where a special gathering of golfers & HNI’s took place today. The tournament is held for 2 days in Mumbai at the BPGC- Chembur after one successful round at ITC Classic in Delhi. A host of prizes will also be given away to winners at a special awards ceremony ... more
Luxurious penthouses in demand
Source: The Times of India Apr 26, 2016
Homebuyers' preferences change and lot depends on the kind of lifestyle one goes for. ... more
Tips for decorating dining room
Source: The Times of India Mar 30, 2016
Dining room is a place where people gather around delicious foods and have plenty of conversations. Creating the right atmosphere and designing the comfort space around with some clever dining room could definitely help. Dining room is not only about chairs and tables, but carving out a perfect space, dining room wallpaper, lighting, furniture and fitting and much more. ... more
Planning for homecoming
Source: Business Standard Mar 28, 2016
Venkat Naishadham, 43, working for Citibank in Mexico City, plans to shift back to India this summer. After 17 years abroad, he is excited about being back in the country and hopes to devote more time to philanthropic activities (he has adopted a village near Hyderabad). But, he is also worried about whether his children will be able to cope with the heat, the crowds, and the challenges of day-to-day living in India. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) like Naishadham should also give a lot of thought to the financial aspects of shifting back to India and the challenges that arise in its wake. ... more
Decor tips for gardening in smaller homes
Source: The Times of India Mar 17, 2016
The concept of terrace garden is very old. Apart from the decorative aspect, a terrace garden is also gaining popularity as most people live in apartments and pent house which are the only luxuries which they can afford and it is not possible for all of them to live in bungalows. ... more
Eclectic mix of furniture in style
Source: The Times of India Mar 09, 2016
Matching is no longer the keyword in de sign lexicon. With mix and match experiments taking over, mixed furniture is now adding glamour to homes. From living rooms to bedrooms or even the dining room, furniture trends are now a blend of the old with the new, the contemporary with the classic, which add a touch of class and speak volumes about the personality of the owner. ... more
Vintage furnishings redefining the modernity
Source: The Times of India Mar 03, 2016
Vintage is the new modern! Sometimes giving an edge of simplicity could be the spotlight of the entire thing. Spicing up your home with some vintage furnishings and assembling some antique pieces will add the glamour to your sweet home. It will not only give a new and fresh look to the home but will also make you feel special. ... more
Bohemian hues for elegance
Source: The Times of India Mar 03, 2016
For a vibrant home space opt for Bohemian decor. While a mix of bright and vivid hues is an integral part of the decor it is also a fine blend of art, cultures and styles. It provides a lot of room for creativity given the blending of ethnic decor with the modern. But most importantly, it will be colourful. ... more
Decor trend alerts 2016
Source: The Times of India Mar 03, 2016
New collections mean a fresh start, and this year promises to be a year of delicate contrasts, design experiments, bold decor statements and fearless makeovers. ... more
Top trends in luxury real estate to watch out for
Source: The Times of India Jan 20, 2016
What defines luxury? Is it the cost of property, location/elite neighbourhood or the internal amenities which sets it apart from the rest? The meaning of luxury differs from one consumer to another based on the budget and what your money can make you buy. ... more
Creating a wintry feel at home
Source: The Times of India Jan 19, 2016
Here's making you feel nostalgic about the best-out-of-waste activities you must have taken part while in school or college. The old sweaters, mufflers, shawls that are now out of fashion or you have outgrown can add a warm and aesthetic appeal to your home sweet home. ... more
Measures to maintain a healthy home
Source: The Times of India Jan 14, 2016
Many Indian homes don't meet the basic healthy homes principles such as dry, clean, ventilated, free from pests and contaminants, well-maintained and safe homes. This costs our country in billions annually in housing-related healthcare costs for asthma, lead-based paint poisoning and injury, as well as lost productivity in the process in the labour force. ... more
Homes with luxuries like never before
Source: The Times of India Jan 12, 2016
Here's what you can expect in 2016 to unfold in terms of luxury and amenities that will be offered to home buyers in coming days. ... more
Flavour of Spain in decor
Source: The Times of India Jan 05, 2016
A Spanish theme is a combination of classical architecture, bold and vibrant colours, and earthy materials that borrows from hues of nature. Spanish style homes have been a popular architectural choice of late. This style boasts of ancient classic architecture with stone, wood and metal used in the exterior and interiors. It exudes a country feel, fashioned largely from natural materials and setting off a rustic look. While the interiors may reflect a more contemporary aura, old-fashioned materials and detailing, in the form of accents, set the decor apart as Spanish. ... more
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