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Pet pals
Source: The Times of India Sep 13, 2016
Homes where pets are as much a part of the family as anyone else, design and functionality tend to come together in a way that works for the human members just as well as for the animals. ... more
Want to build a sustainable house? Opt for a mud hut
Source: The Times of India Sep 09, 2016
Traditional mud huts make for beautiful imagery in rural landscape. But very few actually exist. What's more, there are just a handful of people who know how to build them. Those who live in handmade mud huts are the poorest in the village. The government too does not recognise them as houses and will not provide loans to construct or rebuild such "kachcha" structures, irrespective of the fact that these are most sustainable. ... more
The new normal
Source: The Times of India Aug 06, 2016
Last night just when I was wrapping up my work, which happens around 11 pm, I had a conversation with a very excited colleague. This colleague -a young woman in her early 30s had been agonising over buying a home for over two years. For over two years, she had been visiting sales offices and construction sites all over the city and she had been using me as a sounding board for her choice of location, developer and home loan. She and her husband had finally settled on a home that they had bought over the weekend. ... more
Far from the madding crowd
Source: The Times of India Aug 03, 2016
There is so much that can be done in terms of landscaping. Be it a little green cocoon or a sprawling garden, there are numerous way to reinvent any outdoor space. ... more
Get that space!
Source: The Times of India Aug 03, 2016
Here is how one can make the home look spacious with light paints, smooth cool tiles and apt furniture without cluttering. ... more
Living room decor sets the tone
Source: The Times of India Aug 03, 2016
You need to focus on this space and choose its decor scheme carefully as it creates the first impression of the home. ... more
Grow a herb garden at home
Source: The Times of India Jul 16, 2016
Herb gardens can be grown in the smallest of spaces and add more to your menu. It is a myth that these exotic herbs can't be grown in hot climes because the seeds aren't available. Those who stay in small apartments and cannot indulge in gardening due to lack of space, also have reason to rejoice. Floral beds and manicured gardens sure have that come-hither oeuvre and magnetic appeal. Welcome to herb gardens that are garnering a lot of interest these days. ... more
Houses for different and able: How many?
Source: The Times of India Jul 13, 2016
For differently-abled people, there are still very few friendly houses out here. How? Let's find out... ... more
The default in our stars
Source: The Times of India Jul 13, 2016
Have you checked your creditworthiness lately? We tell you why you need to be less nonchalant about your credit score if you are serious about owning a house. ... more
Tips to make home buying easier
Source: The Times of India Jul 12, 2016
With these five tips in mind, cut the extra cost of home buying and make it happen. Whether your real estate investment has been the best decision or not is hard to tell. Right from the rate to the yield, everything differs from one time to another. This is why there is no rule of the thumb when it comes to the property market. No matter how much you try to isolate it from speculations, some of it does come to play. As an investor, what can you do to save yourself from an ALAS! moment? ... more
Floral fantasy
Source: The Times of India Jul 07, 2016
Floral designs can be introduced in furniture, furnishings as well as art work. Floral patterns can instantly brighten up a room giving it a pleasing look. Floral decor, especially during the festive season, brightens up your home. It also has great importance culturally. A fresh look with flowers can enrich your decor. Floral prints and the floral look have always been popular. Bring in the spring and turn your house into a home with that pretty floral appeal. ... more
More than a property fair
Source: The Hindu Business Line Jul 04, 2016
Property buyers will get a big help in decision making on home buying with The Hindu Property Plus Living Spaces 2016 to be held this weekend. ... more
For an interesting decor element
Source: The Times of India Jul 02, 2016
Indoor swing makes your home interior stylish. You can incorporate swing in your indoor decor with ease. They not only become focal point of decor but also provide comfortable seating. Swings are generally suspended from strong joists in the ceiling with cables, ropes or chains. ... more
Refresh your home with a garden indoor
Source: The Times of India Jun 18, 2016
Plants can cool the surroundings and bring a touch of fresh greenery into the home. You may try the fanciest of lighting arrangements to brighten up your home, or may get the most expensive and classy sofa sets to decorate your living room, but nothing can match the cool, green effect of indoor plants. A tinge of greenery not only adds welcome colour to the drab city abode, but is an essential factor in today's polluted atmosphere. ... more
Pie in the sky
Source: Financial Chronicle May 26, 2016
Building castles in the air may not be good or even practical, but putting up a pleasant walkway in the air along the skyline, is. Aptly christened, a skywalk is an elevated, usually enclosed, walkway between buildings. ... more
Ideas to enhance table top decor
Source: The Times of India May 26, 2016
Tabletops have always been important elements of home decor that make a statement about your style and creativity. Stone is the most durable tabletop option these days. Stone can be used to fashion many exquisite objects such as statues, boxes, bowls, paperweights and picture frames that can beautify a space. There are various interesting types and textures to choose from. The Sadarahalli stone makes for a great tabletop. It has a rough surface that lends it a traditional look. Depending on the type of stone, carvings are done on it to create objects of art. The centre table can have either a small tabletop fountain if it has a glass top or brass artefacts if it is a traditional wood one. You can also have a small flat bowl in the centre with floating candles or coloured stones and a contemporary style vase with fresh flowers in white or yellow. This will work well with a contemporary decor theme. ... more
Are you in your 30s & planning to buy a property?
Source: The Times of India May 26, 2016
Are you contemplating on investing in real estate this year? Have you been playing with the thought for some time now? ... more
Mall stock of 39 million sq ft eligible for REIT investment in India: Report
Source: The Hindu Business Line May 26, 2016
Mall stock of 39 million sq ft is eligible for REIT investment in India, says Cushman & Wakefield. ... more
Dulux launches weathershield paint
Source: The Hindu Business Line May 26, 2016
Dulux has launched Dulux Professional Weathershield Express paint. ... more
Measuring household well-being
Source: The Financial Express Apr 29, 2016
The most important monetary measures of well-being, among others, are household income, expenditure and saving. Yet we have very little reliable data on such indicators. In view of this, ICE 360 surveys have been instrumental in building and disseminating high-quality, interconnected, reliable and up-to-date data to capture the ground realities of households, on how the country earns, spends, saves, lives, thinks, accesses public goods, and on inclusion, employment and infrastructure. We have attempted to understand dimensions of well-being using income, consumption and saving as composite indicators available from ICE 360 surveys, 2014. ... more
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