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Why to prefer funded projects for safe investment
Source: The Times of India Apr 06, 2016
There are several ways through which you can make your investment in residential real estate safe. One such important way is to prefer funded projects over others. There are several advantages of funded projects that make your home purchase safe. ... more
Realty developers welcome rate cut
Source: The Hindu Business Line Apr 06, 2016
Real estate developers say the rate cut is encouraging and will give a fillip to the sluggish sector. Industry expects lower lending rate which will in turn will spur growth. ... more
How to go about affordable housing bottlenecks
Source: The Times of India Apr 05, 2016
Large-scale affordable housing in cities is the greatest necessity of urban India today. Because Indian cities have such a severe shortfall on this front, we are seeing the proliferation of slums and unorganised real estate. These are detrimental to planned growth of our cities. ... more
Green certification sells real estate faster
Source: The Times of India Apr 05, 2016
Selling real estate with a green tag is becoming easier in India and even beginning to command a premium. ... more
Emerging areas you may focus on this Gudi Padwa
Source: The Times of India Apr 05, 2016
Gudi Padwa marks the start of a new year for Maharashtrians wherein they believe that investing in gold or property could bring them a good fortune. ... more
Could the new airport be a game changer?
Source: The Times of India Apr 05, 2016
Airports have always proven beneficial to cities in terms of their potential to boost real estate development and overall economic activity. In the first place, they enhance business activity, and this brings with it a greater demand for commercial real estate. The housing market of any city has close correlation with its commercial activity - business spawns employment, and employment spawns purchasing power and therefore appetite for home ownership. It also boosts the requirement for rental housing from transient workforces. ... more
Checklist for a buyer before deciding to buy a property
Source: The Times of India Apr 01, 2016
Buying a house might be the biggest investment that you make in your lifetime. Therefore, you must take all precautions before buying a house. ... more
Let second home help you save on tax
Source: The Times of India Apr 01, 2016
The gold fetish of Indian folks is popular all over the globe. From passing on kilogramís of gold to daughters in wedding to bestowing gold on gods and donating in temples, people just think gold. No wonder India was once called a golden sparrow. ... more
Infratweets: NIIF fuelled with oil money
Source: The Financial Express Mar 30, 2016
Tweet: Just heard about Cabinet clearing the MoU between UAE & India for a whopping US$75 billion inv in the Nat Inv & Infra Fund. Game changer! ... more
New trend of city going vertical helps save energy
Source: The Times of India Mar 30, 2016
The concept of a vertical city is fascinating and attractive to some people, and may be totally repulsive to others. In principle, living and working in a building of high storeys makes a great deal of sense; it prevents the loss of farmland and natural greenbelts, it reduces air pollution (since all commuting is vertical where the distances are much shorter and the transport mechanism much more efficient) and reduces the need for all the roads that service horizontal cities, so people can just walk out into parkland. ... more
Tips for decorating dining room
Source: The Times of India Mar 30, 2016
Dining room is a place where people gather around delicious foods and have plenty of conversations. Creating the right atmosphere and designing the comfort space around with some clever dining room could definitely help. Dining room is not only about chairs and tables, but carving out a perfect space, dining room wallpaper, lighting, furniture and fitting and much more. ... more
Financial planning while buying a house
Source: The Times of India Mar 30, 2016
An investment in a house is a biggest financial commitment for most individuals. Earlier, most people used to buy residential property only after earning and accumulating funds for many years. However, in the recent times, proper financing by banks, increased incomes and tax benefits have made it easy for much younger people to purchase property. ... more
Builders canít withhold registration charges under new policy
Source: The Times of India Mar 30, 2016
In a major relief to home buyers, the department of town and country planning (DTCP) has come up with a new policy to curb unauthorised retention of investors' money by builders on account of registration charges. ... more
Cut in home loan rates expected soon
Source: The Times of India Mar 30, 2016
A cut in the key interest rates seems set to happen sooner than expected. There are various factors pointing to it. The various initiatives launched by the government over the last couple of years, supported by global factors, have led to the inflation rate coming down and maintaining at acceptable levels. ... more
Builders canít withhold registration charges under new policy
Source: The Times of India Mar 30, 2016
In a major relief to homebuyers, the department of town and country planning (DTCP) has come up with a new policy to curb unauthorised retention of investors' money by builders on account of registration charges. ... more
$1 trillion to enter global real estate markets in 2016
Source: The Economic Times Mar 30, 2016
Global real estate investors remain strongly expansionary in 2016, with more than US$1 trillion of planned expenditures anticipated to enter global real estate marketsó6% higher than in 2015, according to the CBRE Global Investor Intentions Survey 2016. ... more
Column: Reckoning with inequality
Source: The Financial Express Mar 29, 2016
When it comes to the rise in economic inequality since the 1970's in the United States and some other advanced economies, it doesnít really matter which measure of income distribution we choose: They all show the increase. And, while many competing explanations have been proposed, we do not need to agree about causes to concur on sensible policies to address the problem. There are many ways to measure inequality. Each can tell us something different. Many Asian countriesí recent economic success has reduced inequality by some measures (for example, a big fall in the poverty rate), but not by others (the high-low range has increased). In the US, however, all measures of inequality have pointed in the same direction since the turn of the century, reflecting the fact that the benefits of economic growth have gone almost exclusively to those at the top. The share of income received by the top 0.5% has reached 14%, where it was in the 1920's. Normally, one would think that diagnosing the cause of such a fundamental shift would be a necessary step in prescribing a cure. In that case, one might be discouraged by the over-abundance of plausible explanations that have been offered and the difficulty in choosing among them. ... more
Rising cost of land a major roadblock in national highway expansion
Source: The Economic Times Mar 29, 2016
Land acquisition cost for national highway projects has shot up sharply in the current financial year on account of the new land acquisition law that came into force in 2015, dealing a blow to the government's ambitious plan to crisscross the country with top quality roads. The government paid Rs 1.35 crore per hectare in 2014-15, which has gone up 65% to Rs 2.22 crore per hectare in the current financial year. ... more
Planning for homecoming
Source: Business Standard Mar 28, 2016
Venkat Naishadham, 43, working for Citibank in Mexico City, plans to shift back to India this summer. After 17 years abroad, he is excited about being back in the country and hopes to devote more time to philanthropic activities (he has adopted a village near Hyderabad). But, he is also worried about whether his children will be able to cope with the heat, the crowds, and the challenges of day-to-day living in India. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) like Naishadham should also give a lot of thought to the financial aspects of shifting back to India and the challenges that arise in its wake. ... more
Industry cheers as parliament gives nod to RERA
Source: The Times of India Mar 17, 2016
Real Estate Bill finally gets a go ahead. Read on to know how the real estate fraternity reacts- S K Sayal, MD & CEO, Bharti Reality Ltd. ... more
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