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Indian Real Estate News : Pune
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Affordable access to technology a must for wider Internet penetration
Source: The Economic Times Feb 01, 2016
India's digital divide, access to technology and focus on software rather than hardware was the subject of intense discussions by a panel on Digital India: New Rules for the New Economy, at the Economic Times Global Business Summit 2016 on Saturday. ... more
Cities do not become smart on their own
Source: Financial Chronicle Jan 30, 2016
Economic growth without ‘smart direction’ can lead to compromised infrastructure and unregulated real estate development What makes a city, a great place to live and work in? The question is pertinent, given that by 2030, 5 billion people - or about 60 per cent of the world’s entire population - will live in cities. ... more
How to calculate return on your property investment
Source: The Times of India Jan 30, 2016
Everyone wants to know the current value of their property. Investors buy properties to reap bigger monetary sums in future. Even end-users time and again check their property worth. ... more
What makes a city smart?
Source: The Times of India Jan 28, 2016
What makes a city, a great place to live and work in? The question is pertinent, given that by 2030, 5 billion people - or about 60% of the world’s entire population - will live in cities. For countries like India and for the leaders who govern this country and plan our cities, not only accommodating the huge inward migration from the urban areas but also a life worth living has become a huge challenge. ... more
Go hi-tech to secure property
Source: The Times of India Jan 28, 2016
Be it residential or commercial, one of the foremost things one considers when evaluating a property is its security feature. Now that safety has assumed such prime importance, security measures in the real estate market have also grown. While security is of great concern to commercial establishments, it is by no means insignificant where residential premises too are concerned. We take a look at the traditional and advanced security arrangements that you can easily install to make your premises as safe as possible. ... more
Decor trend - Let the house speak metals
Source: The Times of India Jan 28, 2016
Let year 2016 be minimalist, eclectic yet contemporary. From wallpapers to accessories to furniture to mirrors, the upcoming year is here to see lots of metals coming together and adding oomph and freshness to the house interiors. The principle of using a single metal at a time in the designing has become outdated. The new trend suggests mastering the art of metallic mix. ... more
An easy guide to investing in property at pre-launch stage
Source: Financial Chronicle Jan 22, 2016
Buying a home is a costly process at the best of times. Making the down payment alone can consume a normal middle class family's entire savings. A home loan sets the stage for anything between 10-20 years of debt and paying the EMIs on a home loan can take up a significant part of the monthly income. It is therefore natural for homebuyers to look for every possible means to reduce the financial burden of buying a home. ... more
Change land acquisition dynamics
Source: Financial Chronicle Jan 22, 2016
Twain's pithy quote rings a conflicting note in the India of today. Land remains one of the most prized physical assets; its non-diminishing economic value increases manifold when it or even its surroundings are developed. ... more
Click and mortar
Source: Financial Chronicle Jan 22, 2016
When Google India started its first Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) in 2014, it marked a baby step towards selling homes online. From the benefit of hindsight, the move has proved to be a trendsetter. ... more
Top trends in luxury real estate to watch out for
Source: The Times of India Jan 20, 2016
What defines luxury? Is it the cost of property, location/elite neighbourhood or the internal amenities which sets it apart from the rest? The meaning of luxury differs from one consumer to another based on the budget and what your money can make you buy. ... more
Solution to affordable housing
Source: The Times of India Jan 19, 2016
Going vertical is important to achieve the target of providing houses for all. Owning a home is the most important form of social security. It is a proxy for one's social standing and prestige. But homes are expensive. Land, especially with basic infrastructure in place, remains a limited commodity. So, the answer to affordable housing is high-rise apartments. ... more
Creating a wintry feel at home
Source: The Times of India Jan 19, 2016
Here's making you feel nostalgic about the best-out-of-waste activities you must have taken part while in school or college. The old sweaters, mufflers, shawls that are now out of fashion or you have outgrown can add a warm and aesthetic appeal to your home sweet home. ... more
Measures to maintain a healthy home
Source: The Times of India Jan 14, 2016
Many Indian homes don't meet the basic healthy homes principles such as dry, clean, ventilated, free from pests and contaminants, well-maintained and safe homes. This costs our country in billions annually in housing-related healthcare costs for asthma, lead-based paint poisoning and injury, as well as lost productivity in the process in the labour force. ... more
Realty is revving up
Source: The Times of India Jan 14, 2016
The New Year hopefully marks a new era in the real estate industry "We are a country with housing shortage. As long as pricing does not increase dramatically, people will buy houses. The fall in interest rates and the increase in yearly salaries will prompt people to buy houses, and catch up with the housing prices. But still the average salary increase would be at 8-10 percent, we should keep that in mind" says Pankaj Kapoor, MD, Liases Foras. The stress on quality construction and ethical practices is across the industry. ... more
PES may pump in more money in real estate
Source: The Times of India Jan 14, 2016
Real estate companies are expected to raise more money from private equity funds in 2016, after the government simplified foreign direct investment norms for the sector last year. Experts say PE investments in real estate could even surpass the $4.8-billion fund infusion seen in 2015. With the way PE investments are structured, the money is set to be invested in selected cities and projects. ... more
Why is it important to pay property tax on time?
Source: The Times of India Jan 14, 2016
Property tax, the levy on property imposed by the municipal corporation is payable every year. Though it is taken seriously by most of home owners, but not by all. Some of us may have not paid it for several years, while some are ignorant enough to miss the deadline of payment every year. Have you wondered why it is important to pay your property tax? Magicbricks's got the answer for you. ... more
Realtors bet on 7th pay commission
Source: The Times of India Jan 14, 2016
As the Centre is preparing to implement seventh pay commission recommendations, real estate sector is expected to get a major boost. The government employees may turn to investing in realty. ... more
Tips to keep in mind while investing in 2016
Source: The Times of India Jan 13, 2016
Space constraints have restricted the growth prospects of the realty market in Mumbai but the emerging pockets have now reignited the development expectations. The government is putting the impetus on infrastructure, thus strengthening the emerging locations and therefore, realty markets in these destinations are well set for a robust growth ... more
Ready reckoner rates continue to hang in a limbo
Source: The Times of India Jan 13, 2016
As a home-buyer, what would you do if the government's monetary understanding of the property that you want to buy is different than its actual market price? Will you pay extra in the form of stamp duty and registration? As a developer, what are the options with you if the policies force you to ask the home-buyer to pay for higher registration and stamp duty than the price at which you can sell to see your inventory getting absorbed? ... more
India may be third largest economy after 2030
Source: The Times of India Jan 12, 2016
India could become the world's third largest economy after 2030 and its ascension could see France and Italy kicked out of the exclusive G8 group or its membership increased to 10 to accommodate India and Brazil, according to a new study. ... more
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