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Indian Real Estate News : Goa
Smart windows for smart living
Source: The Times of India Sep 07, 2016
With the advent of new technology, many are opening up to the idea of incorporating automation in their homes, making it a regular feature.

Technology in homes is making life easy. Everything is available with a simple touch on your tab or phones. This recent revelation that is making tech-savvy residents happy. With the concept of smart windows, Indian houses too are all geared up to embrace this boon. With motorised window shades and automatic blinds, the modern living experience has become more convenient.

The new age Indian is going the extra mile to avail the luxurious lifestyle and convenience by getting the latest technology home. Be it drapes or shades, these tech windows open and close based on pre-programmed timers. One also can operate the blinds with just a click. Motorised curtain rods are time and energy saving. However, app controlled drape rods are yet to enter the market. Currently, drapes unlike windows are being controlled by remotes. Automated windows not only eliminate the need to manually open and close windows, depending on the time of the day, but also add a certain aesthetic appeal to the house.

When opting for a technology upgrade, the budget plays a crucial role. These smart window accessories cost a little more than the regular windows. The purpose of the room also plays an important role. Each room can be designed differently using different kinds of blinds and colour combinations.

In the entertainment room, where one wouldn't want too much of natural light since it could ruin the viewing experience, app-controlled windows can be used. It not only helps the room to be lit when the room is not in use, it also helps to diffuse the light thus providing an uninterrupted watching experience. Automations like motorised shades and blinds add an extravagant feel while bringing in convenience as well as safety.Seema Ahuja, a smart window user shares, "Even when I'm not home, I need not worry about the sun light ruining my furniture or fading my upholstery. With the help of these smart windows, I can now I pre-set the opening and closing window time. I have set it in a way that they automatically shut after letting the morning sunlight brighten the house. My smart window is also connected to my smart phone."

Pre-programmed timers and smart phone applications can help users avail this luxury from anywhere in the house. The technology is available on most smart phones and connects easily to any WiFi router.

It is also a stepping stone towards safety and security. If one forgets to shuts the window before leaving the house, one can easily operate the windows using the app on their phones.

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