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Indian Real Estate News : Goa
Pet pals
Source: The Times of India Sep 13, 2016
Homes where pets are as much a part of the family as anyone else, design and functionality tend to come together in a way that works for the human members just as well as for the animals. Ask any of your furry friends if they need a designer home to live in. In all likelihood, they will respond by trying to curl up in between your legs. They don't need the most expensive accessories available in the market, but a few basics are definitely welcome. For pet owners, that is. Pets can be happy with just a ball of rope and the foot of the bed.

Despite the number of pet lovers growing by the day, animals and their requirements are mostly not considered when it comes to building living spaces. Every pet has different requirements, but the first thing to consider while revamping your house to make it pet-friendly is to take into consideration all the quirks that come along with a pet."Since cats and dogs are the most common pets in India (and also the most mobile), there is a plethora of accessories in the markets that cater to the pets and as their owners. A new pet owner might be inclined to buy a lot of things in an attempt to smother their new found friend with love. But the thing to keep in mind is that animals don't really crave for much, other than your company, freedom to romp about as they please and a steady supply of food," says Akhil Kumar, a veterinarian.

However, pet owners might want to invest in a few things to make their home pet friendly and yet not be completely devoid of a personal sense of style. For dogs, bowls are the first things one needs to have in a home. It is important to get spill-proof bowls specifically designed for dogs, as they tend to be messy eaters and can easily ruin the furniture and other accessories.

"For my Labrador, I had bowls set into the bottom drawer of my dining room cabinet. This lets me keep it out of the way when it is not required and keeps the area mess free, "says Nandini Jairaj, a psychology student. Also revamping doors to include a pet flap is a great investment, especially for small dogs and cats, since it allows them to roam about as they please without messing up the air conditioning of your room. Be it a cat or a dog, you will want to invest in a few basic necessities like bowls, a comfortable bed and a few chew toys. It is not always necessary that what you like for your pet, as convenient and practical as it may be, they will take to it too. One can't forget that they are all different, and their needs will be different from that of another pet. "When we first got our dog, we had a separate section outfitted for him under the stairs, with things that we thought he would enjoy and be comfortable with, but it is the last place in the house he likes to be in," adds Nandini. The key is to figure out their preferences as they grow up, feels Ankita R, marketing professional who has two cats and has learnt it the hard way that they have their own preferences. "Whether it is the smell of a particular product that puts them off, or the texture, I have never been able to figure out. But if they decide that they don't like it, there is nothing you can do to make them use it. It is best to let them be and invest in things only after you get to know them well enough," she says.

Regardless, it is still a good idea to have a dedicated space for the furry members of the family, feels Varsha M, a stylist at Pawmarks. "If you have the luxury of an outdoor space, an outdoor kennel, complete with food and water bowls, outdoor toys and soft bedding is a great idea. If not, a thick bed in the corner of your room will work just fine. For cats, since they love to curl up, any compact space, even something as simple as a shoe box should suffice. Of course, if you are concerned about aesthetics, you could always pick from the various types of cat beds that are there in the market. Although from personal experience, I feel that the laundry basket is where they are likely to be headed," she says.

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