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Indian Real Estate News : Pune
Many Pune residential projects now catering to responsible luxury
Source: Jan 30, 2012
With Pune now offering concepts like integrated townships, smart or super-luxury homes, this new breed of exclusive living space has become a lifestyle choice. Similarly, disposable incomes have enabled the middle-class to aspire for lifestyles that were previously feasible only for the select few.

With responsible luxury making its way from a concept in theory to actual execution, the co-existence of responsibility and luxury hangs by a thin thread of sustainability. The primitive concept of luxury rides on the lines of an unbounded splurge of resources in exchange for comfort. This age-old notion defies the current state of affairs that indicate significant depletion of imperative resources. Today, luxury no longer equates to oblivious wasteful abundance, rather, those living above the world's wealth median, are stepping up and doubling their efforts in sustaining the planet.

As those who have the luxury to afford mammoth space are the same set of consumers that can do so by making responsible green choices. Says Naushad Panjwani, Executive Director, Knight Frank India: "Today, it's all due to the consciousness that has come around. Earlier, terms such as green and environment friendly were considered to be a rich man's luxury. However, with technological advancement, there has been an increase in volumes as inputs costs have also come down. The cost differential of designing homes that are ecofriendly is not that high now. It's proven that this kind of housing helps in reducing the cost of consumption of energy and water, thus the maintenance cost of extra 10 per cent is taken care of in no time."
Responsible luxury integrates world-class green best practices and contemporary design elements to deliver utmost comfort in the greenest possible manner. This concept roots back to the mid-20s with development of self-sustaining resorts that segued delicately with ultra pristine natural setting. With it came the other forms of resource conservation using solar energy and sensors to switch off lights when no one was around. Hotels across the world today have adopted this concept. A case in point is the new chain of hotels that have pioneered the green movement in the hospitality sector by taking on technology costs. Similarly, there are spas in five-star resorts that have made significant progress in designing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to minimise the negative impact of its presence on the environment while maximising its positive impact on the communities it operates in.

The term responsible luxury encapsulates the use of earthly organic food, natural household products, body care products and linens. Now that homebuyers are resorting to healthier lifestyle choices, there has been found a gap between the steep demand and the sporadic supply of these products. It's imperative that opulent requirements of residences need not be compromised to meet the burgeoning demand for responsible societal consumption. Says Atul Goel, MD, Goel Ganga Group, "With the rise in consciousness and awareness, the meaning of luxury has broadened to include a new perspective: the consciousness towards green. This results in construction of buildings that will consume up to 30 per cent less electricity and water compared to conventional structures. In strongly feel that responsible luxury is the sustainable way forward."

According to Dr S Radha, a resident of Baner, utmost care has been taken that water is not wasted in any form in the complex that she resides. "We as responsible citizens, ensure that natural resources, be it water or electricity, are not wasted in any way."Additionally, successfully designed green and healthy projects involve an array of factors, ranging from the resourceful use of materials, to careful consideration of function, climate and location. Some of the areas which can be considered while keeping in mind healthy homes from the architecture perspective are flooring, mold resistant walls, additive-free plaster, among others.

Luxury cannot be observed, if not responsibly. With the real estate sector's acknowledgement of this fact, the Indian economy stands to gain in terms of revenue and carbon credit. Responsible luxury will ensure that residents of a building have the highest standards of luxury living with minimum impact on the surrounding. The new age buildings will have a building designed in a way to have horizontal and vertical green spaces ensuring natural cooling and less dependence on electricity. The synchronisation of these factors has been comprehended and initiated by the suppliers, its time the prerogative of the conscious consumer is trusted.

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