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Indian Real Estate News : Mumbai
IIT Bombay to survey cracks on Pune-Mumbai expressway
Source: Jul 29, 2012
The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has sought technical guidance from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, to repair cracks on the Pune-Mumbai expressway. The cracks have appeared because the concrete panels of the expressway have undergone wear and tear. A team from IIT Bombay will soon conduct a survey of the 95-km expressway and suggest measures to repair the damage, an official of the MSRDC told TOI. The survey will be completed in about a week's time, after which the IIT team will submit a report to the MSRDC. MSRDC officials said that each lane of the expressway has around 300 concrete panels in every stretch of one kilometer. As the expressway has six lanes - three in each corridor - there are nearly 2,000 panels for each kilometer of the expressway. The cracks on the surface have appeared because of the wear and tear to the panels due to geographical and weather conditions and movement of vehicles, the officials said. The expressway was opened to traffic ten years ago. The cracks are not major in nature, but need to be repaired to prevent further deterioration. Not all panels need to be repaired, the officials said. Earlier this year, the MSRDC completed repairs to the panels on a 20-km stretch of the expressway near Mumbai. The IIT team will also study the effectiveness and the cost of these repairs. The MSRDC spent around Rs 1.5 crore for these repairs, which were carried out by an Australian firm. The cost estimates for the work to repair the cracks will be prepared once the IIT submits its report to the MSRDC, officials added.
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